We're looking for Ssi.


Vistlik appears agitated.

You'll pull through.

The earth can satisfy our needs but not our greed.

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She held out her hand.

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What do you think this could be?

Michel hid his weapons.

Tea was introduced from China.

Critics may argue that all the foregoing characterizations are very abstract.

You don't want to switch places with me?


The big tree was struck by lightning.

This stuff's awful.

Why did you come to me?

Your tie blends well with your suit.

Dawn needs a break.

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None of this was my fault.

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What's the name of that piece?

Who bought you this?

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.


A book is a wonderful gift.

See you at school.

Almost all of the dogs are alive.

She is good at climbing up a tree.

It may not be a good idea to eat while you are running.

We have an obesity problem in this country.

Have you visited Tokyo Tower?


The effects of the illness were not serious.

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I didn't let it bother me.

I think this isn't going to be enough.

I'll tell Jinchao right now.


The district attorney has lodged a complaint against you for witness tampering.

I wash my hands before eating lunch.

We'll change it.


I met him at his house.

She was kind enough to take me to the hospital.

Pin the flower on your lapel.


Not a few students made the same mistake.

Aren't you selling this at a discount price?

I wouldn't go out with her even if she's the only girl in the world!


A light morning breeze was blowing across the road.

If it rains the day after tomorrow, I'll stay at home.

I am playing baseball.

The man walked round the corner.

What are you guys playing?


I don't believe we need that.

I'm not picking your figs.

The dictator oppressed the people.

We discussed it plenty of times.

We danced until midnight.

The gym is across from the home store.

Don't talk about my parents like that!


The joke fell completely flat.

I just hope I don't sound stupid.

The possibility that the two events are unconnected is not worth considering.


My mother's brother's wife is my aunt.


Do you think you can catch me?

Jean and Raif discussed their future plans.

Come talk to me.


Then an argument developed between some of John's disciples and a certain Jew about purification.

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You know we can't do that, don't you?

The leaf is falling.

This is an old appliance.

The sun, moon, and stars are all part of the universe.

We're probably ready.


I'm sure I've seen him before somewhere.


It is a wonder that such a man is a policeman.

Christopher Columbus once discovered an entire ship of deceased sailors... and politely ignored it.

I would like to know what you intend to do now.


Gypsy has been very kind to us.

That's scheduled to happen on Monday.

Maybe it was him.

Does he watch television every day?

Tuna sometimes wishes Johann were a stoat. Given how much he likes them both, Lee the stoat would be to him the manifestation of excellence itself.


I like small towns.

Mahmoud told a very funny joke.

The ancient Teutons celebrated the season by decking a fir tree, for they thought of the sun, riding higher and higher in the heavens, as the spreading and blossoming of a great tree.

Diplomatic dialogue helped put an end to the conflict.

Jack is a tough negotiator.


Lievaart goes jogging every morning.

Do dolphins really sleep with one eye open?

I have to complete it as soon as possible.

It's the law.

What time is the meeting?

Why were you arrested?

The shopping center will be demolished.

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I'm not going to be very happy.

I still don't see how you can help.

I want to drink.

Thad says he's never seen you before.

He tends to get angry when people oppose him.

I will tell her about you.

Your mother is worried sick about you.

You shouldn't let Sumitro push you around like that.

Jon had a hurt look on his face.


Not a single star could be seen in the sky.


What part of the country did they settle in?

Coleen wasn't there when I arrived.

Anita folded his clothes and put them in his suitcase.

My wife showed excellent taste in decorating the room.

If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it.

I'm here with my family.

That couldn't be helped.

Then he looked at her intently, and suddenly gave her a hug and kissed her on the lips.

Life means nothing without friends.

Are you that hard up?

I got rid of all my old textbooks.

She fixed me with an angry stare.

Sonja has something to do right now.

I couldn't tell what it was.

I assume that Stevan doesn't have that many friends.

I can't find it anywhere.

How long have you been Trying's supervisor?

He went to America to study medicine.

Where is a nearby pharmacy?

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Why do I always wake up at this time?

Shawn is very beautiful.

Life is short.

He got hooked on drugs at a young age.

I love butterflies.

I want to see the movie again.

Luc never got to meet Gary.

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I am writing a draft of the speech.

You're not a doctor.

The boy peeped in at the window.

The police didn't arrest Kyu.

It's already 4 o'clock. It doesn't look like he will be able to come.

Maybe I'm just getting old.

She's working a case of her own.

Daniele invited Pandora to join him and his family for dinner.

They want me to join them.

How expensive is it?

I wish Kerry would leave us alone.

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He was wounded in the head.

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I love him, but he's in love with another girl.

He loves me. But I do not love him.

She poured some milk from the bottle.

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I heard someone shouting my name.


A fire broke out last night and three houses were burnt down.

Willie said he was going to study French.

I can't remember exactly.

Marc's proposal is worth considering.

We knew you could do it.


Cantonese is the prestige dialect of the Yue group.

We didn't get an apology.

I always made my mother proud.

The budget appears to be inaccurate and unrealistic.

Do you believe in fate?

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Here is an apple.

Steen has a t-shirt that was signed by Bill Gates.

This ticket is paper.

My stars!

Look, this is a true story.


Foreign tourists in this country are numerous.

We have a deadline to meet.

Where will we go afterwards?

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Ken jumped over the wall.

I'm taking care of my grandfather

I called a "break and fix" firm.

That's the car I'm going to buy.

Mitch's very sad.

Everyone was surprised.

History is nothing like what you read in history books.